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Secrets On How To Get Fresh and Cheap Keurig K-Cups

We love our Keurig machine, it’s saved tons of time and made our mornings a lot happier at the house.  On-demand coffee, different blends and flavors, and a lot of happy family members. K-Cups, on the other hand are expensive.  So we’ve dug around and found the most efficient ways to get great coffee at great […]


Angelino’s K-cup Coffee Review 5 Stars

  Angelino’s Coffee is a K-cup coffee delivery service. I ordered three variety packs to get a sense of the range of brews available — the complete Variety Pack and the Medium and Dark Roast Variety Packs, each containing 24 single serving brew cups.  A 12-cup variety pack is available for just $5.95.  The cups worked well in […]


Hack Keurig 2.0 and use any K-cup you’d like

Follow the instructions below to hack your new Keurig 2.0 machine easily.  This fix will permanently allow you to use any K-cup machine you’d like as well as refillable cups. You essentially take a pice of the approved kcup lid and tape it on the top of the brewer head.  See below:


Introducing Café d’Epoca & its Profile Discovery tool

Café d’Epoca recently launched its website that revolves around personalization and coffee discovery.  You take a simple 6 question profile assessment quiz and it designates your flavor profile type.  It then recommends which Profile Coffee type you should drink and associated origin coffees that match your flavor type. It’s fun, beautiful and interesting.  Take a look here, […]

Defining The Bean

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The Difference is in the Processing Method

Once a coffee tree is ready for harvest and the cherries are picked, you may have wondered what happens between then and your coffee cup. Coffee can actually go through one of three different processing methods before it’s roasted, ground, and brewed for your enjoyment. The method’s used will vary from country to country and […]

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How the Roya Epidemic will Affect Coffee Prices in the Long Run

  Those of you that follow the coffee market have probably been reading about the ‘leaf rust’, or Roya, epidemic that has been sweeping through Central America and destroying coffee crops by the thousands. You have probably been wondering how this will most likely affect coffee prices in the future. Experts believe the world will […]


How to Steam and Froth for an Excellent Latte

  Steaming and frothing for a latte is much like steaming and frothing for a cappuccino, with a slight twist. As with so many things in coffee brewing, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. In this case, order is key and the steamed milk is the star of the […]


Different Coffee Roasting Machines

When it comes to professional roasting that you get from large coffee companies or smaller micro-roasters, you don’t typically see the DIY methods being used, such as a popcorn popper, a skillet, or an oven. While the DIY methods are functional and can turn out some tasty coffee, they aren’t consistent between batches. That’s why […]